Demountable Flood Barrier Products

Demountable Flood Barriers are versatile and effective flood protection systems that can be easily assembled and disassembled as needed. These barriers are designed to provide temporary flood defence, allowing property owners to quickly respond to changing flood threats. They are typically constructed using modular components made from sturdy materials like aluminium or steel, which can withstand the force of water and debris.

Demountable flood barriers can be customised to fit different openings, such as doorways, windows, or entire building perimeters. The assembly process is straightforward, often involving interlocking panels or frames that can be easily connected and secured in place. When the flood threat subsides, the barriers can be disassembled and stored compactly for future use. This flexibility makes demountable flood barriers a practical and cost-effective solution for areas prone to seasonal or occasional flooding, providing reliable protection while minimising the impact on the surrounding environment during dry periods.


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Why Pick a Demountable Flood Barrier?

A demountable flood barrier is a great solution to protecting a property efficiently upon flood warnings. Our flood barriers are versatile and suitable for all openings, entryways, single doors or larger openings like driveways. Our demountable flood barriers can also protect communities and much larger areas with demountable walls along the coast.

No tools are required when you need to put the barrier in place for a flood warning, meaning they’re quick and simple to use and when the system isn’t needed, it can be removed and stored away.

With a water-tight seal, lightweight aluminium and user-friendly, a demountable flood barrier can be a brilliant solution for residential, commercial, and industrial sites that have flood warnings and property in need of protection. They can be a more cost-effective option in comparison to more permanent flood barrier installations.

There is no limit to the height and width of the property, we have a demountable flood barrier solution for whatever unique entrance you have.

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Flood Barrier Accessories

The side posts of the demountable flood barrier are fixed either within a door reveal or onto the face of the walls either side of the doorway opening. Regardless of the fixing type, we have side post cover plates that will conceal them and their fixings, giving a more discrete appearance to the exterior of your home. An optional powder coating will also provide the required aesthetic and continuous colour for your side plates and barrier. When it comes to storing your barriers away, an accessible storage solution may be required so that you can quickly retrieve your barriers. Storage racks and wall mounts would be the perfect solution to this; storing them safely to avoid damage and keep them in a space that you can reach in time. Alternatively, a storage container or stocking system is also an option we provide for a demountable flood barrier.



Minimise Flood Damage

With Lakeside Flood Solutions, you’ll be making a worthwhile investment in the installation of a demountable flood barrier if you live near coastal areas prone to flooding for your property is at risk from bad weather warnings. However, you should choose the best flood control measures for your property and our team of professionals can advise you on the more appropriate flood barriers. If your property will face risks of high floods, then perhaps our other products such as Flood Gates, Flood Glazing or Wall Defence could be taken into consideration.

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If you are looking into flood barriers but aren’t certain about your options or what the best choice is for you, contact us today. We can supply you with all the information you need on products, prices and solutions. We work with many sectors to provide flood barriers and prevent damage; we’re also the leading UK provider of flood defence products and services. We provide nationwide services to protect homes, commercial sites, communities and coastal properties from flood damage.

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