Lakeside Flood Solutions

Multi-Cellular Concertina Flood Barrier

Large, collapsible, concertina, multi-cellular unit capable of retaining water up to 900mm H.

The Concertina Barrier can be rapidly deployed by two people in the event of an emergency flood alert.

The system benefits from no permanent fixings and has high adaptability, enabling arching and bending. It is also highly versatile for use on a wide range of terrains and easy to store.

The Concertina barrier has been proven to work in real-life emergency responses worldwide, and has been rigorously tested to full protocol at US Army Corps of Engineers R&D Centre.

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Fast, strong and stable re-usable water-filled dam barrierThe Tempo-Dam is a high-quality and high-specification system, designed for extreme weather and stability. It withstands both dynamic and static environments and is extremely stable.

The system benefits from a rapid deployment speed, as it is just simply rolled out on the ground with no further deployment processes required.

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Impermeable, re-useable, rapidly deployable temporary barrier

The BoxBarrier is a simple modular system which becomes more stable with higher water pressure.

The BoxBarrier is light & easy to deploy in seconds, with minimal storage space required.

With one BoxBarrier being equivalent to 15 sandbags, zero maintenance and a 20 year lifespan, the BoxBarrier represents a robust product choice for any surface.

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