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Strong & Secure Door Barriers for the Bristol Area

Lakeside Flood Solutions specialises in the manufacturing of door barriers for Bristol and many other UK flooding areas. We help people protect their premises, be they residential or commercial properties, whilst also protecting their own.


Door Barrier Solutions Tailored to Bristol Homes

Residential door barrierIf you live in the Bristol area, you know that flooding is an issue that comes and goes depending on a combination of factors. Floods may rise with tidal events and heavy rainfall, and because the city lies on the River Avon, the risks of a flood are bigger than in other nearby areas.

Therefore, flood protection is a must when it comes to Bristol premises. Door barriers may be one of the best options available, and at Lakeside Flood Solutions, we provide tailored solutions for individual needs.

Our door flood barriers may be applicable in a variation of openings, heights, and widths, whilst offering uninterrupted watertight seal. They can be installed with minimal disruption to properties, and our experts can help you choose the best option for your case.

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Door Barriers Vs Flood Doors

At Lakeside Flood Solutions, we offer a range of flood protection products, and you may be wondering which option may be the best for your property. When it comes to door protection, we have two options available: door barriers and flood doors. These may offer different settings and be suitable for unique requirements.

Door Barriers:

    • Temporary solution: Installed only when flooding is imminent, these demountable door barriers are easy to install and remove, being versatile options for when a flood subsides.
    • Lightweight and easy to install: DIY-friendly, door barriers can be installed by anyone on the premises. There is no need for professional help.
    • More affordable: Lower upfront cost compared to flood doors.
    • May require storage space: Different from flood doors, the door barriers need to be stored properly when not in use.

Flood Doors:

    • Permanent solutions: Function as a regular door during normal conditions, the flood doors are a permanent solution. There is no need to worry about your premises in case you are not there.
    • Heavy-duty and watertight: Built to withstand floodwater pressure, the flood doors are sturdy and may offer great flood protection too.
    • Higher cost: Higher initial investment compared to door barriers.
    • Professional installation recommended: A professional may be required to install the new flood door to your Bristol property to ensure proper fit and functionality.

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Benefits of Installing Door Barriers:

Door flood barriers are an investment in your property. These will help you to keep your premises safe, avoiding big disruption and damage to the property itself and items that may be inside it, as well as protecting whoever lives or attends to the property.

Door barriers are also easy to install, they are adaptable and suitable for a range of door openings and may be stored away when floods are not a warning. These flood solutions are also durable and high-quality, so you can have peace of mind that you and your property will be safe from damage.


Double patio door barriersLakeside Door Flood Barrier Accessories

As well as providing the solutions themselves, at Lakeside we also offer a range of flood protection accessories available to help you. These include:

  • Discreet Defence with Side Post Cover Plates: Our side post cover plates, made from durable anodised aluminium, vanish the posts and fixings completely. Choose from a wide range of RAL colours with powder coating.
  • Space-Saving Storage Solutions with Barrier Storage Racks: Keep your barrier system organised with vertical or horizontal wall-mounted storage racks.
  • Powder Coating Customisation: We offer powder coating for all our door flood barrier elements, ensuring they perfectly match the aesthetics of your property. This customisation ensures your flood barrier isn’t just functional, but also visually complements your building’s design.
  • Enhanced Security with Top Lockable Pressing Clamps: Our top lockable pressing clamps provide an extra layer of security when your flood barriers are deployed. These robust clamps ensure a firm grip, giving you peace of mind that your flood defences are in place.

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Why Choose Lakeside Flood Solutions for Door Barrier Installation in Bristol?

If you are looking to protect your property and have peace of mind when a flood arises in Bristol, then Lakeside Flood Solutions may be your reliable partner of choice. We have years of experience in the field, helping to protect a variety of UK and worldwide areas from floods.

Our team of experts can offer proper guidance and consultation, understanding your needs and requirements, whilst offering tailored solutions with the most cutting-edge flood products available. We offer competitive pricing, with a variety of financing options.

Contact our experts for more information about our door barriers, or browse our website for more about our range of flood solutions.

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