Flood Barriers Manchester

Flood barriers, alternatively referred to as flood defence systems or flood protection measures, are constructed structures intended to manage, redirect, or hinder the movement of floodwater. These structures function as tangible obstacles that can be activated or built to shield susceptible areas from the detrimental impacts of flooding. Our flood barriers Manchester at Lakeside Flood Solutions are available in diverse forms, each tailored for specific flood situations and surroundings.


Flood Barriers Manchester From Lakeside Flood Solutions

The demand for effective flood protection systems is now more critical than ever, given the increasing frequency and severity of floods caused by climate change and urbanisation. Among the various measures, flood barriers Manchester have emerged as one of the most crucial solutions to mitigate the impacts of floods and safeguard vulnerable areas. In this article, we will explore the benefits of flood barriers and underscore their significance in protecting people, property, and communities in the North.

The flood barriers provided by Lakeside Flood Solutions are both manufactured and installed by our team, allowing us to tailor bespoke barriers for any project size. We guarantee that our supplied flood barriers are meticulously developed, expertly engineered, and subjected to rigorous testing to ensure optimal protection against flooding. Our flood barriers Manchester undergo testing according to the latest British Standard BS 851188 and have demonstrated effectiveness in real-life flood events across the UK. They are designed to accommodate various premises and are constructed to precise measurements, offering comprehensive protection against potential flood damage.


Flood barrier protecting a residential driveway in Manchester


Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Flood Barriers

Flood barriers Manchester plays a crucial role in safeguarding not just commercial and residential properties, but also industrial facilities, against the detrimental impacts of floods.

Commercial: Given their close proximity to urban areas and transportation hubs, commercial properties, including offices, retail establishments, and warehouses, often find themselves in areas prone to flooding. By installing flood barriers Manchester, these commercial buildings can sustain operations during and after a flood event. These barriers help minimise business disruptions, enabling companies to continue to serve customers, sustain their revenue stream and preserve jobs. Moreover, many insurance providers offer lower premiums for commercial properties with flood protection measures in place. The installation of flood barriers signifies a commitment to risk reduction, potentially making businesses eligible for cost savings on insurance coverage.

Residential: Ensuring the safety and well-being of citizens demands the essential protection of homes and residential areas from flooding. During a flood, the primary concern is the safety of individuals and their families. Flood barriers Manchester provides an additional layer of defence for people across the region, effectively reducing the intrusion of floodwater and preventing it from reaching living spaces. This safety measure allows residents to either safely evacuate their homes or wait until the floodwaters recede.

Industrial: Industrial buildings, including manufacturing plants, warehouses, and power plants, often demand comprehensive flood protection systems due to their status as crucial infrastructure. These facilities commonly deal with chemicals and hazardous materials, which, if released during a flood, can present significant environmental risks. Flood barriers Manchester play a vital role in preventing the displacement of these materials by floodwaters, thereby reducing the potential for ecological harm and environmental contamination.


Types Of Flood Barriers We Provide

Temporary Flood Barriers

Temporary food barriers Manchester are portable systems designed to be swiftly set up in preparation for an upcoming flood. Usually constructed from materials like water-filled tubes or flexible barriers, these barriers can be easily assembled and installed at strategic points. They provide effective short-term flood protection and can be taken down and stored once the flood event has passed.


Demountable Flood Barriers


This barrier is highly versatile, and suitable for a wide range of openings and requirements. It can be used for single doors, larger openings such as roller shutters or roads, and even for temporary demountable walls providing flood protection to entire villages or coastal areas. With its modular design and the option to customise demountable centre and corner posts for any specific purpose, the system has no restrictions on width or height.


Automatic Self Closing Barrier

In situations where there is minimal time for manual deployment in response to sudden flooding, it serves as an efficient passive flood defence measure. This type of flood barrier Manchester utilises a simple yet ingenious concept to automatically elevate the barrier as floodwaters approach, turning the problem into a solution. The barrier, customizable to any required length, is positioned within a basin made of PE-HD, concrete, steel, or stainless steel. We can suggest the most suitable option for a specific site based on the required length and location.


Automatic Hydraulic Barrier

In situations where swift action is required due to rapid-onset flooding, the Hydraulic Barrier serves as an efficient passive flood defence measure. This system can be either surface-mounted or flush-mounted into the ground. During a flood event, the water’s buoyancy lifts the front end of the water defence door leaf, automatically providing water defence as the water level rises. This activation occurs when water enters the bottom section of the water defence door leaf and surpasses a predefined trigger value.


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Flood barriers Manchester plays a crucial role in alleviating the destructive consequences of floods on individuals, property, and communities in the Manchester region. They contribute to heightened flood protection, the preservation of lives and safety, the safeguarding of property and infrastructure, the promotion of economic stability, the assurance of long-term cost savings, and the provision of environmental benefits. In flood-prone areas, flood barriers have demonstrated their indispensable value.


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