Flood Prevention Carlisle

Carlisle has a history of flood issues, due to the confluence of the rivers Eden, Caldew, and Petteril. Therefore, the CFAG (Carlisle Flood Action Group) concerns about the flood prevention of the city remain, and they urge residents to stay prepared for potential future events.

Since 2015, when Storm Desmond devastated more than 1400 properties in Carlisle, the Environment Agency has been working on flood protection projects and flood risk management, but property owners must get their properties prepared for those potential floods, be they residential or industrial properties. As well as keeping properties safe, it is also important that communities remain informed and have an emergency plan in case the flood offers potential risks.

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Flood Prevention for Residential and Business

flood barriers Carlisle

Whether you have a business or a residential property in Carlisle, you may need to get a flood protection plan. Flood prevention is crucial for safeguarding valuable assets and ensuring resident and/or employee safety. Therefore, for each property type, there will be a different need.


More than just a precaution, floodproofing your home in Carlisle is an investment in its durability and your family’s well-being. Flood damage can threaten your home’s structural integrity, harm your belongings, and expose you to potential health risks. Implementing preventive measures brings peace of mind, knowing your home can withstand flooding.




Protecting your industrial space from flooding in Carlisle is vital for uninterrupted production, equipment safety, and workforce well-being. Floods can significantly damage industrial facilities, leading to costly downtime and compromised machinery. Implementing robust flood prevention measures reduces the risk of disruption and financial losses.


For businesses in Carlisle, flood prevention is a key strategy for resilience. Substantial floods can cause costly operational disruptions and extensive property damage. By investing in effective flood protection measures, you not only minimise financial risks but also ensure business continuity. This commitment extends to employee safety, asset preservation, and maintaining a secure work environment.

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Which Products Can Help You to Prevent Flood Damage?

Door Flood BarriersLiving in Carlisle means being prepared for potential flooding. At Lakeside Flood Solutions, we provide a comprehensive arsenal of flood protection solutions specifically for the Carlisle area, ensuring your property stays safe from rising waters.

In order to keep your premises safe, you need to ensure that the best solutions will be installed on your property. These solutions may be used in cooperation with other methods and safety measures for better performance, or depending on the case, solo.

Our flood prevention products are engineered to restrict water flow, redirect it away from vulnerable areas, or halt it entirely. They serve as crucial tools for flood prevention, offering bespoke and customisable solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Choose from:


Flood Barriers

Our flood barriers provide effective protection against rising waters. Options include:

Demountable Flood Barriers: Easily assembled and disassembled as needed.

Temporary Flood Barriers: Quick to deploy for immediate flood protection.

Automatic Self-closing Barriers: Automatically activated to secure areas at risk.

Automatic Hydraulic Barrier: Utilises hydraulic mechanisms for efficient flood control.


Flood Doors

Crafted with precision and durable materials, our flood doors serve as robust barriers against floodwaters. Our range includes:

uPVC Flood Doors: Lightweight and resilient, ideal for various settings.

Composite Flood Doors: Engineered for durability and weather resistance.

Steel Flood Doors: Offers unparalleled strength and protection against flooding.


Flood Windows

To complement our range of flood protection solutions, we also offer flood windows designed to withstand water pressure and prevent water ingress during flood events.

PVC Flood Windows: Designed to be lightweight and durable, suitable for a variety of environments.

Composite Flood Windows: Engineered with durability and weather resistance in mind, providing reliable protection against flooding.

Steel Flood Windows: Offering unmatched strength and robustness, these windows provide superior defence against floodwaters.


Flood Gates

Our flood gates offer versatile and reliable flood defence for commercial, residential, and industrial properties. Features include:

Aluminium Flood Gates: Lightweight yet sturdy, suitable for diverse environments.

Stainless Steel Flood Gates: Provides long-lasting protection against corrosion and water damage.

Timber Flood Gates: Blends functionality with aesthetic appeal, suitable for various architectural styles.



Other Flood Protection Products from Lakeside

Lakeside Flood Solutions may also offer other products to help keep you and your properties safe. They include flood glazing, which is an aesthetically pleasing floodproofing barrier, brick and wall defence, which are solutions to present water ingress through bricks and walls, and more.

If you would like to discover more about our products, browse our website for more, or contact our team of experts. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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What Are the Benefits of Floor Proofing Your Premises in Carlisle?

Flood Prevention CarlisleCarlisle’s history with floods demands preparation and we can help you to prevent the risk of damage and disruption. Floodproofing your property offers a multitude of benefits, ensuring peace of mind:

Safeguarding your home or business: From structural integrity to secure belongings, floodproofing minimises the risks and costs associated with flood damage.

Reduced stress and anxiety: Knowing your property is prepared allows you to relax, knowing you’ve proactively tackled the challenge.

Potential financial benefits: Reduced insurance premiums, increased property value, and avoided business disruptions offer long-term gains.

Building a resilient community: When individual properties are fortified, the entire community becomes stronger, minimising the collective impact of floods.


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Lakeside Flood Solutions are experienced installers and suppliers of flood solutions, and thanks to this expertise, we have been able to help thousands of families and businesses worldwide. Our products offer quality and versatility, helping you no matter your needs and requirements.

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