Flood Protection Solutions

Lakeside Flood Solutions is your trusted partner for commercial, residential and industrial properties including homes and businesses. We understand the profound impact that floods can have on your life, property, or business and it’s our main goal to bring flood protection solutions that defend against floods.

Unpredictable Threat of Flooding

Floods can strike without warning, leaving devastation in their wake. Whether it’s heavy rainfall, rapid snowmelt, or overflowing rivers, the risk of flooding is real and can disrupt your life in an instant. Flooding can have a major effect on a wide range of commercial, residential and industrial properties, but with our flood protection solutions and products, you can minimise the risks of flooding, therefore, protecting the following properties:

Commercial Properties

Leisure Centre, Tredegar flood barriers

Floods pose a significant threat to commercial properties, with the potential to wreak havoc on your operations and finances. The impact goes far beyond immediate physical damage. Business continuity is thrown into disarray, leading to lost revenue and a potential decline in customer trust. Regaining operational efficiency can take weeks or even months, impacting your ability to fulfil orders and maintain a positive customer experience. Investing in flood protection solutions is a smart move for the future of your business whether you choose long-term flood barriers or temporary strategies.





Commercial Flood Defence Products

Our most popular products in the commercial sectors include:

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Residential Properties

PERKINS flood gate installed


Floods pose a real threat to the well-being of your loved ones. Rising water can create electrical hazards, unsanitary conditions, and structural damage in your residential proeprty. Flood

protection minimises these risks, allowing your family to feel safe and secure within their own home. Floods can displace families from their homes for weeks or even months, causing significant disruption to daily routines. Flood protection helps mitigate this disruption, allowing your family to recover quickly and return to a sense of normalcy. Choosing flood protection solutions that suit your home and are appropriate for the environment you live in, is key for effective flood defence. Lakesides’s Flood Doors are designed to prevent flood damage and come in many styles to ensure the appearance of your home remains appealing. Our flood windows also work to protect against forceful floods and storms.


Residential Flood Defence Measures

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Industrial Properties 

Protecting your industrial property from floods goes beyond safeguarding physical assets; it’s about ensuring uninterrupted productivity and employee safety too. Floods can bring production to a screeching halt, leading to missed deadlines, lost revenue, and a domino effect on your entire supply chain. Implementing flood protection solutions minimises downtime, allowing you to maintain consistent output and meet customer expectations.  Floods pose a real danger to your employees, with potential for electrical hazards, drowning risks, and exposure to contaminated water. Effective flood protection demonstrates your commitment to employee safety, fostering a positive work environment and boosting morale. Lakeside’s flood barriers, gates and doors are ideal for industrial properties and are convenient for quick, effective activation in the emergency of an unforeseen flood. 



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Effective Flood Defence with Lakeside’s Solutions

When it comes to protecting your property from the devastating effects of flooding, you deserve the best possible solutions. Here’s why Lakeside Flood Solutions stands out as your trusted partner in flood defence:

  • Unmatched Engineering Excellence: Our flood protection systems are the product of cutting-edge engineering and rigorous testing. Through extensive research, we’ve developed flood protection solutions that have been proven to deliver exceptional performance under even the most demanding flood scenarios.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: We understand that every property is unique. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of customisable flood protection options. Our team will work closely with you to assess your specific vulnerabilities and design a system that perfectly fits your needs.
  • Rapid Deployment When You Need It Most: When floodwaters are rising, every second counts. Lakeside Flood Solutions’ systems are designed for swift and effortless deployment. Our intuitive systems empower you to take immediate action and safeguard your property during critical moments.
  • Durable and Long-lasting Protection: We believe in providing peace of mind for years to come. That’s why our flood protection solutions are crafted from the highest-quality materials, ensuring they can withstand even the harshest weather conditions and deliver long-term reliability.
  • A Complete Defense System: Our extensive range of solutions encompasses everything from demountable barriers and floodgates to flood glazing and temporary walls. This comprehensive product range provides unmatched protection for both homes and businesses.

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Lakeside Flood Solutions isn’t just about selling products; we’re dedicated to providing you with the security and peace of mind you deserve. Let our expertise and innovative solutions become your shield against the threat of floods. Call us today for a quote and to discuss the best products for you.

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