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York has faced significant flooding issues over the last few years, mainly due to its location at the confluence of the River Foss and the River Ouse. Therefore, many households in York have experienced their houses being damaged due to floods and the lack of protection against them.

At Lakeside Flood Solutions, we offer a range of home flood protection products and services, and we can help you reduce or even prevent flood damage at your house. Flood barriers, doors, and windows have proven to be a great solution when it comes to alleviating and avoiding the consequences of floods, ensuring a more peaceful and safe stay for homeowners and households.

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Protecting Your York Home from Flooding

Home Flood Protection in York is paramount to safeguarding your property and peace of mind. At Lakeside Flood Solutions, we recognise the profound impact floods can have on your life and home. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of flood prevention products designed to provide the utmost protection against flooding events.

Our innovative and reliable solutions are tailored to the unique challenges faced by properties in York, ensuring that you’re well-prepared to mitigate flood risks effectively. With Lakeside Flood Solutions, you can trust in industry-leading protection that combines innovation, reliability, and versatility, allowing you to safeguard your home with confidence. These solutions may include both temporary solutions as well as fixed ones. They are:

double flood barrier

Flood Barriers:

Flood barriers are also known as flood defence systems and are one of the best flood protection measures built to control, redirect, and even impede the flow of floodwater. They help protect vulnerable areas from the harmful effects of flooding.

As well as protecting your house from floods, it is essential that households keep safe at their houses. Therefore, Lakeside Flood Solutions flood barriers can offer an extra layer of protection to your property, helping you to keep safe whilst still preventing the water from reaching living spaces.


Flood Doors:

Flood doors can offer an additional layer of protection to entry points in homes. They are designed to withstand water ingress during flood events, effectively sealing off entrances to prevent water from entering the property. These doors are constructed with durable materials and feature watertight seals to ensure maximum protection against rising water levels.

Incorporating flood doors at key entry points like main entrances and garages offers York homeowners a substantial reduction in flood-related property damage risk. For instance, UPVC doors not only provide effective flood protection but also boast easy cleaning and maintenance, simplifying both everyday life and flood preparedness.


Flood Windows:

Similar to flood doors, flood-resistant windows are essential components of home flood protection in York. These windows are engineered to withstand the pressure exerted by floodwaters, preventing water infiltration into the interior spaces of the home. Flood-resistant windows are typically reinforced with sturdy frames and impact-resistant glazing, offering homeowners peace of mind knowing that their homes are fortified against flood risks.


Wall Defence:

Wall defences can play a crucial role in fortifying properties against the threat of flooding. These solutions are designed to reinforce exterior walls and provide an additional barrier against water infiltration during flood events with the application of waterproof coatings and sealants to the wall.

These coatings create a protective barrier that repels water, reducing the likelihood of moisture penetration and water damage to the underlying structure. Waterproof coatings are particularly beneficial for properties located in flood-prone areas, such as those in York, where heavy rainfall and river overflow can pose significant flood risks.



What Are the Benefits of Floodproofing Your House in York?

Investing in flood protection measures is crucial, especially for residents in flood-prone areas such as York, or those who have encountered flooding in the past. Here are several reasons why prioritising home flood protection is essential:

  1. Safeguarding your property: Floods can inflict substantial harm to your home and belongings, leading to expensive repairs and replacements. Implementing quality flood protection measures can effectively mitigate or prevent damage to your property during flood events.
  2. Ensuring family safety: Floods present a serious safety hazard to you and your loved ones. Effective home flood protection measures help mitigate the risk of injury or harm, ensuring the safety and well-being of your family members.
  3. Alleviating stress and anxiety: Dealing with the aftermath of a flood can be overwhelming and stressful. Quality flood protection measures alleviate the anxiety associated with potential flood damage, providing peace of mind and confidence in your ability to safeguard your home.
  4. Enhancing property value: Homes equipped with flood protection measures are more appealing to prospective buyers due to the added safety and security they offer. Investing in flood protection enhances the value of your property and enhances its marketability in the future.
  5. Long-term cost savings: While repairing flood-damaged property can incur significant expenses, investing in flood protection measures can help minimise the need for costly repairs and save money in the long run.

Reduce the Flood Damage to Your Property in York

door flood barriers

Lakeside Flood Solutions specialises in home flood protection in York, offering tailored solutions crafted by our in-house experts. With a dedicated team, we design and install personalised flo

od protection measures suitable for any project scale. Our commitment lies in the thorough development and skilled engineering of flood barriers, doors, windows, and more, all rigorously tested to guarantee high-quality defence against flooding.

Adhering to the latest British Standards, our flood barriers undergo meticulous testing, demonstrating their efficacy through real-life flood events across the UK. Crafted to fit diverse premises, these solutions are built to exact specifications, ensuring comprehensive safeguarding against potential flood damage.


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By investing in these flood protection measures, homeowners can mitigate the impact of flooding events and enhance the resilience of their properties against this natural hazard. Contact our team of experts for a quote or discover more about our products on our website.