Flood Barriers For Homes

Do you live in a flood-prone location and need to protect your home and possessions from imminent flooding? That’s where Flood Barriers for homes can potentially save your property from the damage of a flood from Lakeside Flood Solutions. When considering flood barriers for homes, it’s important to consult with a professional to determine the best solution for your specific needs. Additionally, it’s essential to have an emergency plan in place and to follow all recommended safety procedures during a flood event.

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What Are Flood Barriers For Homes?

Flood barriers for homes are systems designed to prevent or mitigate flood damage to residential properties. Flood barriers are an excellent way to regulate flood water and reduce ingress into your home.

The barriers are a popular flood-protection method that is far more effective than ordinary sandbags. Flood barriers for homes, unlike sandbags, are reusable and hence provide continual flood protection. They frequently consist of a shield that may be installed around a doorway. These can help to minimise the amount of water that enters a home or business during a flood, and are therefore critical products for optimal home flood protection.



Importance Of Flood Barriers For Homes

Flood barriers for homes are important because they can help reduce damage caused by flooding. Floodwaters can cause significant damage to homes and personal property and can even pose a threat to human safety.

Here are some of the reasons why flood barriers for homes are very important:

Protecting property: Flood barriers can help protect homes and personal property from flood damage, such as water damage, mould growth, and structural damage.

Preventing financial losses: Flood damage can be costly to repair or replace and may not always be covered by insurance. Installing flood barriers can help prevent financial losses due to flood damage.

Ensuring safety: Floodwaters can pose a danger to human safety, particularly if they are fast-moving or contain debris. Flood barriers can help prevent floodwaters from entering a home and causing harm to those inside.

Mitigating flood risks: By installing flood barriers for homes, homeowners can help mitigate their risk of flooding and protect their property in the event of a flood.

Overall, flood barriers for homes are an important investment for homeowners in flood-prone areas, as they can help protect both property and personal safety during a flood event.


We provide a variety of flood barriers for homes at Lakeside Flood Solutions, including Demountable, Temporary, Self closing and Automatic


Our Flood Barriers At Lakeside Flood Solutions

There are several types of flood barriers available at Lakeside Flood Solutions, including:

Demountable Flood Barriers

The Lakeside Flood Barrier is incredibly versatile and adaptable to a wide range of openings and requirements, including single doors, bigger openings such as roller shutters or driveways, and temporary demountable walls to protect entire villages or coastal areas from flooding. Because of its modular architecture and bespoke selection of demountable center and corner posts to suit any purpose, the system has no width or height limitations.

Temporary Flood Barriers

Temporary flood barriers are designed to be swiftly set up in pre-planned areas that lack permanent defences. When flooding is predicted, the barriers are swiftly constructed.

Self-Closing Flood Barrier

The device employs a simple yet innovative concept of leveraging oncoming floodwater to automatically raise the barrier, essentially turning the issue into a solution.

Automatic Hydraulic Flood Barrier

The system can be embedded in the ground or installed on the surface. In the event of a flood, buoyancy pushes the front end of the water defence door leaf up to achieve automatic water defence with rising water when water flows into the lower half of the water defence door leaf and exceeds a trigger value. When the barrier is engaged, a warning light flashes to warn of the impending arrival of pedestrians or cars.


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With over 35 years of experience in supplying our clients with effective, quality flood defence systems, we can safely say we are a leading Flood Protection Company here at Lakeside Flood Solutions. For all our Flood Barriers for Homes, all our installations are carried out in-house by our highly trained and experienced Lakeside Operatives.


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