Flood Barrier

Flood barriers, also known as flood defence systems or flood protection measures, are engineered structures designed to control, divert, or prevent the flow of floodwater. They serve as physical barriers that can be deployed or constructed to protect vulnerable areas from the destructive forces of flooding. Our Flood barriers at Lakeside Flood Solutions come in various forms, each suited for different flood scenarios and environments.


Flood Barriers At Lakeside Flood Solutions

The need for efficient flood protection systems has never been greater as the frequency and severity of floods rise as a result of climate change and urbanisation. Flood barriers have become one of the most important solutions to reduce the effects of floods and protect vulnerable areas among these measures. In this post, we’ll look at the advantages of flood barriers and how important they are for safeguarding people, property, and communities.

The flood barriers we supply at Lakeside Flood Solutions are manufactured and installed by us, so we are able to create bespoke barriers to equip any size job. We ensure that the flood barriers we supply are professionally developed, highly engineered and rigorously tested to provide you with the utmost security from flooding. Our flood barriers are tested to the latest British Standard BS 851188 and are also proven to work in real-life flood events throughout the UK. Our flood barriers also suit a wide range of premises and are built to fit exact measurements, meaning they can protect from any flooding damage.


flood barriers protecting warehouse


Commercial, Residential & Industrial Flood Barriers

Flood barriers play a critical role in protecting not only commercial and residential properties but also industrial premises from the damaging effects of floods.


Commercial properties:

Due to their proximity to urban areas and transit hubs, commercial properties, such as offices, retail establishments, and warehouses, are frequently situated in flood-prone locations. Commercial buildings can maintain operations both during and after a flood event by installing flood barriers. The Flood Barriers minimise downtime and business disruptions, allowing companies to continue serving customers, maintaining revenue streams, and preserving jobs. Many insurance providers offer reduced premiums for commercial properties equipped with flood protection measures. Installing flood barriers demonstrates a commitment to risk reduction, making businesses eligible for potential cost savings on insurance coverage.


Residential Properties:

To maintain citizens’ safety and wellbeing, it is crucial to protect homes and residential areas from flooding. The safety of people and their families is the main priority during a flood. Flood barriers give another layer of defence, mitigating floodwater intrusion and keeping it out of the dwelling areas. This safety measure enables residents to safely leave their houses or to wait it out until the floodwaters subside.


Industrial Properties:

Manufacturing plants, warehouses, and power plants are examples of industrial buildings that frequently require extensive flood protection systems since they represent important infrastructure. Industrial facilities frequently handle chemicals and dangerous products that, if released during a flood event, might pose serious environmental dangers. Flood barriers assist in preventing these materials from being swept away by floodwaters, hence lowering the risk of ecological harm and environmental contamination.



Types Of Flood Barriers We Provide


Temporary Barriers:

Temporary flood barriers are portable systems that can be quickly deployed in anticipation of an impending flood event. They are typically made of materials such as water-filled tubes or flexible barriers that can be easily assembled and installed in strategic locations. Temporary barriers are effective for short-term flood protection and can be removed and stored after the flood event.



Demountable Aluminium Flood Barrier System:

The Lakeside Demountable Aluminium Flood Barrier is incredibly adaptable and appropriate for all kinds of openings and needs, from single doors to bigger openings like roller shutters or roads, up to temporary demountable walls to provide flood protection to entire villages or coastal areas. Due to its modular design and custom selection of demountable centre and corner posts to fit any purpose, the system has no width or height restrictions.


demountable flood barrier protecting home


Automatic Self-Closing Barrier:

When there is limited time to deploy manual measures due to sudden onset flooding, the SCFB is a passive flood defence measure that is very effective. The device employs a straightforward but brilliant idea to automatically raise the barrier as floodwater approaches, thereby using the issue to generate the solution. The barrier, which can be constructed to any necessary length, is placed inside a basin made of PE-HD, concrete, steel, or stainless steel. We can recommend the best option for the particular site based on the needed length and location.


automatic self closing flood barrier from Lakeside Flood Solutions


Automatic Hydraulic Barrier:

When there is little time to deploy manual measures due to quick onset flooding, the Hydraulic Barrier is a passive flood defence measure that is very effective. The system can be surface-mounted or flush-mounted into the ground. When a flood occurs, the buoyancy of the water pulls the front end of the water defence door leaf up to achieve automatic water defence with the rising water. This happens when water flows into the bottom section of the water defence door leaf and exceeds a trigger value.


automatic hydraulic barrier from Lakeside Flood Solutions


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Flood barriers play a critical role in mitigating the devastating impacts of floods on lives, property, and communities. By providing enhanced flood protection, preserving lives and safety, safeguarding property and infrastructure, promoting economic stability, ensuring long-term cost savings, and offering environmental benefits, flood barriers have proven to be indispensable assets in flood-prone regions.

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