Residential Flood Protection Barriers

If you live in a coastal area or an area that is prone to flooding, ensuring you invest in appropriate Residential Flood Protection Barriers is crucial. Here at Lakeside Flood Solutions, we have over 35 years in the door and security industry. We have extensive experience in manufacturing, supplying, installing and maintaining a range of Residential Flood Protection Barriers including Demountable Barriers, Flood Doors, Flood Gates, Flood Windows, Brick Defence and much more. Read more about how our service works here.


The Effects Of Flooding Without Residential Flood Protection Barriers

Flooding can be ruthless, causing damage that goes beyond the physical effects. Without proper protection, your home is vulnerable to a cascade of devastating effects that can disrupt your life, safety, and peace of mind. Without the appropriate Residential Flood Protection Barriers from Lakeside Flood Solutions, you could experience the following:

Structural Devastation: Floodwaters have the power to weaken foundations, erode walls, and compromise the integrity of your home’s structure. Without the right defences in place, you risk irreversible damage that can impact your property’s value and safety.

Belongings at Risk: The possessions you’ve accumulated over the years are more than just items – they’re part of your story. Unprotected from floods, sentimental items, cherished heirlooms, and essential belongings could be lost forever.

Health Hazards: Floodwaters often carry contaminants, mould spores, and bacteria that pose health risks to your family. Prolonged exposure to these hazards can lead to respiratory issues, allergies, and other health concerns.

Displacement and Disruption: Flooding can render your home uninhabitable, leading to temporary displacement and upheaval. Finding alternative accommodations and dealing with the aftermath can be both stressful and financially burdensome.


residential flood barrier from Lakeside Flood Solutions

Residential Flood Protection Barriers from Lakeside Flood Solutions

Our Residential Flood Protection Barriers are engineered to minimise the effects of floodwaters, keeping your home and loved ones safe from the devastating consequences of flooding. For homes, we provide a range of Flood Barriers to protect drives, windows, doors, and garages and are available in a range of products.

Demountable Flood Barriers

The Lakeside Flood Barrier system, with its unique interlocking design and custom ground U channel assuring a continuous waterproof seal, offers the most durable form of Residential flood protection barriers currently available. Additionally, it offers the most user-friendly option because no equipment is needed, enabling the flood barrier to be deployed immediately in the case of a flood alert. The system is simple to dismantle and stow away when not in use.

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Flood Windows

Flood windows, also known as flood-resistant windows or floodproof windows, are specialised windows constructed to withstand the impact of flooding and prevent water from entering a building. They are a critical component as residential flood protection barriers located in flood-prone areas. These windows are engineered to offer a higher level of water resistance compared to standard windows, providing an additional layer of defence against rising water levels.

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Flood Gates

Flood gates are structures designed to prevent or control the flow of floodwaters. They are typically installed across openings such as doorways, entrances, or other vulnerable points in buildings and infrastructure to block the entry of water during flood events. Flood gates come in various designs and configurations, but their primary purpose is to create a physical barrier that prevents floodwaters from infiltrating a protected area.

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Flood Doors

Flood doors, also known as flood-resistant doors or flood barriers, are designed to withstand the pressure and water infiltration associated with flooding. These doors are engineered to create a water-tight seal that prevents floodwaters from entering a building through its entry points, such as doors and windows. Flood doors play a crucial role in flood defence strategies, providing an additional layer of protection to properties in flood-prone areas and are therefore one of the most important components of residential flood protection barriers.

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steel residential flood barrier protecting home from flooding


Why Choose Lakeside Flood Solutions for Residential Flood Protection Barriers?

Scientifically Proven: Our Residential flood protection barriers are backed by rigorous testing to ensure they perform seamlessly under the harshest flood conditions.

Customisable Fit: Each home is unique, and our barriers are designed to fit your specific needs, ensuring complete coverage and maximum effectiveness.

Rapid Deployment: Time is of the essence during floods. Our barriers are quick and easy to deploy, offering you swift protection when you need it most.

Long-Lasting Durability: Built with premium materials, our flood protection barriers are engineered to withstand repeated use and the test of time.


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