Steel Fire & Flood Doors

Our doors have been designed to offer protection against both flood and unauthorized entry. Available in both single and double doors (outward opening) with unique seals and hardware, the doors offer peace of mind where the threat of flood is high.

Flood doors are ideally used for external applications and are suitable for the following applications: Warehouses, Store rooms, Electrical Sub Stations, Retail Outlets.

Robust features

  • Leaf: 1.5mm Galvanised Steel
  • 45mm thick door leaf with a lipped astragal
  • Double skinned with interlocking strengthening seams
  • Vertical Anti Twist Interlocking welded channel core
  • Dense Rocksilk 45 core
  • Frame: 1.5mm Galvanised Zintec Steel – Frame depth can vary to suit apertures
  • Single Rebate Minimum depth 38mm x 132mm
  • Minimum of 5 Reinforced fixing points either side with additional 2 on the head Jamb for double doors
  • Minimum of 4 Reinforced, Pre treated and Protected Grade 13 stainless steel ball bearing butt hinges
    (complies with EN 1935:2002)
  • Reinforced lock keeps
  • Steel lined high grade seals
  • Powder Coated ( pre treated and primed as standard offering additional protection)
  • Removable centre mullian available